oxbo 6220
The 6220 grape harvester was the very first Oxbo harvester to be equipped with their unique, efficient and very effective trunk shaking picking head. Oxbo collaborated with producers and industry specialists to engineer the 6220 harvester and the trunk shaker picking head to be innovative and industry leading.

The new technology used in the 6220 grape harvester enables faster harvesting speeds and still cleaner fruit quality. In field tests across the state of California, the prototype 6220 consistently ran faster through the field and picked cleaner loads, even in high tonnage crops.


  • Three fan cleaning system
  • High capacity buckets
  • Nylon catcher plates
  • All-wheel hydrostatic drive system
  • Oxbo trunk shaker picking head

Technical data:

  • Length: 6.4m
  • Width: 3.63m
  • Min Height: 3.91m
  • Lift: 0.76m
  • Weight: 4,818kg
  • Tunnel Width: 1.37m
  • Motors: Sauer 46cc
  • Engine: Tier III, 173hp turbo charged John Deere 4045
  • Torque Hubs: Fairfield
  • Hydraulics: Sauer H1

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