micron herbi
The Herbi 4 is a extremely mobile rotating disk sprayer for the Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) of herbicides. But is equally adept at using traditional water-based poisons at very economical spray volumes of between 10 to 30L per hectare. A larger evenly sized droplet of 250 microns disperses in a precise 1.2m wide circular spray pattern and minimises spray drift.

The Micron Herbi 4 is ideal for strip spraying in orchards and can treat over 3 kilometres (about 0.4 hectares) in one hour.


  • Weight - empty
    1.5 Kg (c/w 5 litre backpack & batteries)
  • Weight - ready to spray
    6.5 Kg (c/w 5 litre backpack & batteries)
  • Power supply
    6V DC (4 D-cell/ R20 batteries)
  • Power consumption
    0.5 watts (Over 40 hrs spraying with good quality batteries)
  • Disc speed
    2,000 rpm (governed)
  • Flow rate range
  • Droplet size
    200-300 ┬Ám (VMD)
  • Band width

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