fischer canguro mower
With a working width of up to 7.00 m, the Canguro is suitable for any type of operation in fruit and wine-growing, on meadows, in corn and wheat fields, at airports, in municipal areas and parks! The counter-rotating and flexibly-mounted blades do not only cut grass, but also break up maize stalks (of a diameter of up to 5 cm)! The Canguro adjusts to any type of terrain, due to its central unit and its two side units (+15° / -8°).

The metal wheels and metal rollers are adjustable in height from 2,5 up to 7,5 cm).This is also due to the side units that can be independently moved up to 90° with its powerful hydraulic cylinders.For maximum security, once in position, the side units are locked by a special safety lock.

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