SB 2

clemens sb
Ideal frame to accommodate the modern undervine care systems RADIUS SL, RADIUS SL PLUS or MULTICLEAN. The frame can be combined for rear or front mounting. The SB2 is available for working widths from 1,740 mm to 3,200 mm – depending on the equipment. The adjustment to the row width is done hydraulically.

SB Compact

clemens sb compact
The SB Compact is a robust solution for narrow alleys with many possible combinations. It can be mounted at the rear or at the front. Depending on the equipment, it covers three different working width ranges between 1480 mm and 2520 mm. Versatile accessories ensure adaptation to different conditions.

SB Mono

clemens sb mono
Would you like to work permanently with only a single-sided undervine care device, but as comfortably and safely as possible? For this case we have developed the SB MONO, which can be used for front and rear mounting. The hydraulic width adjustment can be easily converted from right to left. The base frame can be hydraulically adjusted by 500 mm from 960 to 1,460 mm on one side by means of a cylinder, either to the right or to the left.


clemens hexagons
The HEXAGON, made of solid hexagonal profiles, is used to hold tools for flat or deep soil loosening and offers the option of connecting a following machine driven by a PTO shaft. On the other hand, it is also possible to use the frame as a pure equipment carrier for undervine care or to set up a seed drill and fertiliser spreader. Three different sizes are available.

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